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17 South African Dating Culture (No.7 is Sweet) things you need to know about Firefighter Pick Up Lines to Use on Guys (Burning Love Here and There) · Dirty.
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We conducted a survey asking South African women what they looked for in a man.

“Dating a South African black men is a “constant f***ing therapy”

Although there were many responses, some characteristics repeatedly cropped up. A large number of women said that their ideal man would be attractive, ambitious, trustworthy and humorous.

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So for those of you out there hoping to date a South African woman, be sure to tick some of those boxes! Family is also an important factor for both South African women and men.


While outdated mindsets are slowly developing and antiquated views are being left behind, you might find change filters through slowly in such a complicated country. One study showed that South African men have sex less than men in other countries, with work pressures, a struggling economy and the distraction of social media cited as reasons for this.

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First, Afro Introductions, which has over 2. Elsewhere, South African Cupid is one of the oldest dating sites, established in This site is more focused on long-term relationships. South African Cupid has a secure verification process, cutting down on the possibility of you falling foul of a scam.

As with elsewhere in the world, OKcupid is popular with singles looking for one-off dates or long-term relationships. You can use your Facebook account to sign in, and the QuickMatch function allows you to find possible dates easily. Click to go to the top of our guide to dating in South Africa.

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Dating South African Men

These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Because of this diversity of religious, ethnic and racial identities, you must be careful while interacting with South African men. Keep in mind that South Africa has been through a difficult historical period and the phase of apartheid is something that still rouses a lot of passions. Also the black, African heritage of the populace is hotly debated for its gifts and drawbacks in relation to the modern civilization.

Thus while some may be all for continuing with traditional practices like polygamy and animism, others may be more vocal about following western trends.

17 South African Dating Culture (No.7 is Sweet)

So while conversing with your male South African friends, avoid getting too involved with issues like politics, race and religion until you know them better and are certain that they would not take your position on these topics personally. Keen sports fans However one area where South African men seem to be united in their passions is sports. South African guys across the ethnic lines are keen followers of sports like soccer, rugby union and cricket.

Other sports with significant support are swimming, athletics, golf, boxing, tennis and netball. Although soccer commands the greatest following among the youth, other sports like basketball, surfing and skateboarding are increasingly becoming popular.

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So when South African hunks are not themselves playing, they can be found lustily cheering for their favorite teams. A case in the point was the FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa in where the vuvuzela — used by fans to show their support for their favorite teams — became the center of much discussion as much due to its piercing sound as to its symbol of African culture. Thus if you are looking to strike up an acquaintance with a guy in South Africa, one of the most effective ways would be to walk into a sports bar and show your enthusiasm for whatever team is playing in the match on the giant TV screen.